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Up The Saints!

After 7 years of running the football team and 6 years of competing in the BCFA, the Hartcliffe Saints are taking a break. We really feel that God has called us to this, taking the idea of the Sabbath year will be a great opportunity for the boys, the team and those of us who run it. It is going to be a busy year with 2 weddings coming up but even more than that, we feel like it is a good opportunity for the boys to move on, for us to re-envision and for God to start something new.

We are still running a weekly training session for the boys as we want to keep contact with them through football. Steff is playing for St James (another team in the BCFA who have a similar ethos to the Saints) and is hoping to take 2 of our boys to train them up and invest in them for next season. We FULLY intend to re-enter the league for 2017/18 season and are so excited for God to do something new in us, with the team and in more boys lives.

Please be praying for us all as we continue to journey with the multitudes who have contact with us through football in some form: trainers, players, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends (!), children, families, workers. Through our connection we want to be able to share Jesus with them all.

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